Celebrate, Encourage and Inspire – these are the core values of the Prophetic Festival. A colorful mix of inspirational booths, creative business people and encouragement stations.


Supernatural Life Academy

Franziska Liechti


Dutch Art Academy Marion de Jong

Dutch online art academy for classical art education in drawing and painting

Encouragement Art Neele Haas

Encouragement cards and stones with individual and expressive words

Colorful sky
Christina Scholle

Unique items of wool and silk

Keys of the kingdom Marit Neugebauer

Remember who you are and what you carry – royal dignity and authority – as a beloved child of the king!

Coach by passion
Andreas Tschudin

When people pursue their true vocations, they develop unprecedented ideas and solutions – for themselves and others.

Gadget Baron

Three young men want to shape the world of men.

High quality and cheap men’s items.

Carla Veldhuis

Showing Gods love and grace in dance and theater without using a word. An image can say more than 1000 words.

Little Treasures 4 You  Lisbeth Kleist

Display God’s beauty in NaturalArt 

Heavenly Offer Mirjam and Christoph Fischer

Onlineshop platform where artists can offer their products

Karmesin Tattoo
Mia and Pepe

Artist Resources Online
Sonja Smalheer

An online platform helping artists create with confidence, work with impact and understand the business of art.

Live with purpose
Pensy Low-Schuemperli