Ruth Truttmann

Ruth Truttman is a freelance artist and the leader of the Prophetic Arts ministry at the FCG church in Aarau, Switzerland. She works in the church towards promoting the arts there. She carries the vision for the Visual Voice conferences, and through this, her passion is to lead others into the reality of the spiritual dimension of creativity and to empower them into their creative and supernatural lifestyles. She is now increasingly becoming a sought out workshop leader and speaker at conferences, art academies and training sessions. Likewise, her expertise as a juror at art competitions is greatly valued. Her paintings carry the message of hope and love across the boundaries of Switzerland, into the wider world and find recognition at both larger and smaller exhibitions in the arts scene. Ruth is married to Matthias, and is the mother of four amazing, creative children, whom she now homeschools.


Paul Manwaring

Is on the Senior Leadership Team at Bethel Church. He is married with Sue and lives in the UK. Their families are their favorite companions and greatest encouragers.
Paul’s brand is diversity. From teaching on the father’s heart and sonship, to leadership and beauty he will bring a message which changes lives. Paul’s passion is to see glorious sons and daughters revealed and cities transformed.
Renaissance is one of the heartfelt themes of Paul: «God places the awareness of beauty in our hearts and puts it there for us to discover, and then pursue that beauty to bring Glory to His name. Beauty will lead us to new expressions of creativity and inventiveness which we can use to benefit mankind and point man to the creator.»


Matthias Truttmann

Matthias Truttmann is married to Ruth, and together they have four children. He is the Senior Pastor of FCG in Aarau, which is a church that doesn’t only «tolerate» but instead actively releases and promotes art and creativity. As a result, influential creative ministries have developed in recent years within this community. Today, art is an important part of the Kingdom Culture that is lived out from there. Several creative businesses and ministries have been released out of the FCG Aarau church; and cities and villages near and far have been and will continue to be blest by these craftspeople and artists.


Mayra Pankow

is an artist from Honduras, who has lived in Germany for the past 26 years. She leads the prophetic creative work in the Christus Church community in Duisburg, Germany. She is also active in the prayer and the SOZO ministries there. Mayra is a Mixed Media and Coldwax artist with her own studio and gallery in Mülheim an der Ruhr. She leads an international team of artists and conducts seminars in Germany and abroad. One of her passions is to bring people into their full identity as artists and to connect them with the Creator God. Her dream is that her art will find ways to bring about positive change in all areas of society such as with politics, finance, innovation and in places such as hospitals. Mayra has been married to Dietmar for 37 years and has four sons and two daughters in love and a grandbaby.


Phillip Arron McKenzie

has been part of Iris Global since 2001. Phillip walks in a governmental prophetic anointing that transforms the traditional church into the deeper revelation of sonship.
Through various expressions of the Prophetic, Phillip has been teaching prophetic art since 2007 in the nations.
Phillip Arron residents with his wife in Zurich Switzerland, where he continues his ministry through prophetic art, prophetic healing, writing and mentoring.
Phillip is ordained by Heidi and Rolland Baker.



David Togni

David Togni, a native of Schaffhausen, has a motto «Love or hate – You make the difference». This is not only his life motto but at the same time drives the vision of his fashion label, «LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOUR». This positive credo inspires him to create the graphics that decorate his T-shirts and designs. 12% of the revenue he gets, mainly from Fairtrade products, are freely distributed to the needy people in neighbourhoods. When David was 25 years old, he founded his charity fashion label, and caused a stir in the Swiss fashion industry. In the media, both television and radio have reported on his heavenly vision and God’s favour over him, and speak of David’s warm and cordial manner. David has found the doors of the hearts of both national and international stars from the music, art, fashion and film industry open to him.


Ray Hughes

Ray Hughes is the founder of Selah Ministries and he lives with his wife, Denise in Florence, Alabama in the United States. Ray has been in full time ministry for over 44 years as a singer and songwriter, author and musicologist, with a passion for releasing creative worshippers into their destinies. Known by many as a humorist, philosopher and storyteller; Ray is recognized internationally as a clear prophetic voice, a revival historian, a gifted teacher and as a spiritual father.


Carla Veldhuis

Carla Veldhuis is a storyteller with a heart and soul for her craft, and she lives out her creative daily life based on the principle of «A picture says more than a 1000 words». As a creator of theatre and as an acting teacher, she tells stories of the thoughts of God through expressions and dance. As a teenager, Carla herself experienced a life changing encounter with God through a piece of theatre, and thus knows for herself the profound effect theatre can have on a person. This turning point became her calling. For more than 30 years, she has been inspiring others, and among the forms she uses are Rake performances: Impressive performances of «Living Statues». In the Netherlands, she leads a Changing cum Dance theatre and regularly gives inspiring training sessions and workshops.


Nathan Madden

Nathan Madden is thrilled to take part in this year’s conference! He has visited Aarau many times and has been given a heart for Switzerland and its beautiful people! He currently lives in Redding, California and is attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Throughout the years, he has studied many art forms and travelled all over the world as a performer and teacher. He has been and still is blessed with a very successful professional career. As a storyteller, Nathan believes that he is a living expression of God’s creative heart. He longs to activate the Body of Christ to step out into radical new ways of expressing God’s Kingdom here on earth. Nathan loves to instill a heart for excellence in the arts, both inside and outside of the church; as this means impacting the cities that we call home.