alive – arise – awake

Come alive through His love, rise up and run in your destiny, awaken to who you really are!

Due to regulatory requirements, registration procedures, ticket prices (reduction!) and workshops will be adjusted!
All details on the following pages.

From april 01 to 03, 2021 in Aarau, Switzerland

You are invited, together with other creatives and artists from Europe, to inspire, motivate and connect with each other.

Now is the time to be infused with heavenly life, to rise up and be creatively awakened.

We will livestream the plenary sessions with speakers who will not only give insight into their creative work and artistic hearts, but will lead workshops where you can get practical guidance and hear real life testimonies where the loving, supernatural works of God are made visible.

The entire prophetic arts conference will be livestreamed online and on site in Aarau, the six services can be attended live. Children and teenagers born in 2001 and younger can take part in workshops on site.

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Ruth Truttmann
Paul Manwaring
Matthias Truttmann
Mayra Pankow
Phillip Arron McKenzie