01 Courageous Steps to a Creative Business

by Cornelia Egli

Have you ever wondered how to make money with your art or your creative talents? How do you go from hobby to self-employment? Do you feel queasy when you think of creating a business plan and finding ways to make your work or service accessible to a wider audience? If so, then this workshop is just right for you. We will thoroughly cover the foundational principles and go over the following questions:  
How can I make money with my art? What do I have to pay particular attention to as a creative person?  
How do I find customers? 
How can I use a crisis to my advantage?  

Cornelia Egli

has dedicated herself intensively to abstract painting for many years. She works as a freelance artist and as a personnel specialist. So far she has exhibited her works in Switzerland, Germany and the USA. Her vision is to release God’s presence through her paintings so that the viewer’s spirit is touched in many ways. Her heart beats for releasing the glory of God in the world through excellent painting. Together with her husband, she lives in Gebenstorf, Switzerland.