04 Portraits in the Light of Heaven

with Sarina Tschudin

Together we will create a portrait of our counterpart from God’s perspective. How does God see us humans? We ask Holy Spirit how He visualizes our counterpart and then use this to shift the person into the correct and divine light. Not knowing who your counterpart is actually makes it easier to do this.
Sarina already has much experience in portrait photography. She will coach you into seeing this godly light as well as giving you technical assistance, and this will allow for you to honor your counterpart with the picture.

To take maximum advantage of the workshop, please bring a SLR camera. It will be to your advantage if you already have experience with the various settings of the camera. This way we can concentrate on capturing the divine vision. A compact camera would also be possible, but would be limited in certain settings of the applications.

Sarina Tschudin

Sarina graduated from the photography school CAP (Creative Advanced Photography) in Zurich and has many years of experience in photography with people as the subject in various fields. She is a member of the Fotoatelier Konterfei in Suhr AG, and is a wife and mom.
In her own words: «When I journey through life with my eyes wide open, I discover again and again the beauty of the people around me, and this is not only in my fellow human beings but also includes everyday things that fascinate me. My apprenticeship as a photographer at the photography school CAP sharpened my eyes for details. CAP also turned me into a  «beauty discoverer». My vision is that we people discover how much of the beautiful lies in us. I love to draw out the beauty of each and every one and to express this through my photography.»