04 Story-Telling

with Pascal Vigini

Want to tell a story on social media? Capture an atmospheric moment and share it with friends?
Pascal will take you into a digital and visual world where you will learn how to put objects, natural scenes or people in front of the lens and tell a story through moving images.
Digitize and share a moment from your life.

You don’t need professional equipment. Your mobile phone or camera is enough.

Pascal Vigini

is an independent photographer and filmmaker. He is married and the father of two sweet daughters. For his work he loves to travel, discover new places and meet people. Pascal loves the times at sunrise or sunset. Especially then in the Goldenhour to capture the atmosphere, with the beautiful orange colors, but also when the gray fog rests on the mountains, spreading its mystical mood. Photography and also filming are Pascal’s passion, because it goes far beyond pictures. It is about living relationships and sharing life.