05 Creativity sets free!

with Ruth Truttmann 

Enjoying colors and experimenting? Would you like to discover inner images in God’s presence, give room to your own creativity and experience new freedom in the creative process? We were made to be divinely creative. Creativity sets one free!

In this workshop, we will experiment with different techniques and materials and allow each one to individually express inner images, dreams and visions.
The focus is not on the end product but on the personal process. No prior knowledge is needed, except the joy of experimenting. All material will be provided.

Ruth Truttmann

is a freelance artist and head of the Prophetic Arts in the FCG Aarau. Her passion as the vision bearer of visual-voice.ch is to take others into the real spiritual dimension of creativity and to empower people in their artistic as well as supernatural lifestyle.

She is increasingly being requested as a workshop leader and speaker at conferences, art academies and for training weeks in Europe.

Her paintings carry the message of hope and love far beyond the borders of Switzerland and are finding recognition at smaller and larger exhibitions in the arts scene. She is married to Matthias and is the mother of four amazing, creative children whom she teaches through homeschooling.