06 Moving Stories in Moving Pictures

with Felipe Londoño

God wants to use every channel available to attract people’s attention and touch their hearts, including using the Internet. This is why, in this workshop, we will explore the following questions: How can we be light and hope through social media? How can I make short but content-rich videos? How can we work with the video using the mobile phone? In addition to this, we will overcome fear and the restrictions that come with it and courageously find ways to make Jesus known through social media in a creative, authentic and excellent way.

Felipe Londoño

Felipe is 28 years old, and has trained as a graphic designer and information systems analyst. He graduated from JMEM discipleship school, where he was then engaged as a staff member for more than five years. Felipe has been running «Alive Ministry» in the city of Zurich for three years, working with other ministries and organizations and supporting them as needed. His heart beats for God’s supernatural work and heavenly love to be visible in Switzerland and the nations. Felipe is convinced that multimedia and social media will play an important role in reaching the hearts of many who do not yet know the love of Jesus but are hungry for it.