07 Songwriting from the heart

with Rico Weidmann

Is music the language you want to use to bring people closer to God? Does your songwriting stall regularly? Do you sometimes just not find the right words or harmonies? Or do you just want to broaden your creative horizon and find new approaches to songwriting?
In this workshop I would like to show you different tools so that you can find your individual way to bring what God puts on your heart into a song form and not only that! We will do exercises together for more creative writing, share how to find the words for your songs aimed at your target audience, analyze song structures and share our experiences.
In addition to this, we’ll spend time specifically exploring how to hear God’s voice in this whole process of creative writing and music making.
Bring your Bible and musical instrument, notepaper, laptop, or whatever you prefer for your songwriting. There will be a piano, guitar and cajon available on site.

Rico Weidmann

is 39 years old, married to Ester and lives with his three girls, i.e. his wife and two daughters, in the Aarau area. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Education, studied songwriting, singing and worship at C3 College in Oxford Falls (AU) and is part of the worship team of FCG Aarau.

His great passion is to accompany people on their way to their best possible life in Jesus and to bring out their artistic talents, so that through them, people from all walks of life can be brought closer to God’s heart. Rico’s dream is that faithful artists can become trailblazers and influencers in all areas of creative endeavor.


Susanne Büchli

Is a freelance musician and was the lead singer in various cover and show bands in Germany for many years. She is a vocal coach, piano teacher, and also writes songs and is a worship leader at FCG Aarau.

She loves to dwell musically in the presence of God either alone or with friends, and to worship freely. During these times, new songs are always created and creativity awakens.

It is very close to Susanne’s heart to accompany young people, as well as adults, individually in their personal musical calling and to lead them into new realms of creativity and freedom.

Susanne lives with her husband and their two sons in Buchs, Switzerland.