08 Courageous Steps to a Creative Business

with Philipp Döbeli

Have you ever wondered how to make money with your art or your creative talents? Do you feel queasy when you think of creating a business plan and finding ways to make your work or service accessible to a wider audience?
If so, then this workshop is just right for you. We will thoroughly cover the foundational principles and go over the following questions:

What does art have to do with business at all?
How can I make money with my art?
What do I have to pay particular attention to as a creative person?

How do I find customers?
What does a heavenly business plan look like?
What do I need to consider when starting a business?

Philipp Döbeli

Philipp Döbeli studied International Management and Marketing. He worked as a marketing project manager in a large company and is currently working in a smaller business and is responsible for its expansion in Germany and abroad. Philipp is also head of the FCG Business division, which is about bringing Heaven into our workplace. He is the author of the books «More. God in the workplace» and «More influence» and a designer of the organic perfume brand «free-One». He is married, the father of two daughters and lives in Staufen, Switzerland.