09 Dancing in His Presence

with Nathan Madden und Esther Palmieri

Have you ever really let loose and found extreme freedom in a church service? Have you found it hard to express yourself in a corporate setting? If so, then you’re in the right place. In this workshop, you will learn how to not take yourself so seriously. Begin the process of exploring movement to remember how free you were as a child and discover where along the way you were told to «grow up».  Using your imagination to generate movement is an extraordinary way to worship our Papa God.  It’s such a gift. While taking this workshop you will learn in practical ways how to reactivate your imagination as a tool to access His presence.  
Before we can release what we carry we have to know what it is we are holding. This workshop will focus on what God is saying over you before we start asking what’s happening in the room. We will go on encounters that I believe will ignite an expression of freedom, originating from a deeply intimate place within you.

Everyone is welcome, age and fitness are not important. Please bring comfortable clothes that you can easily move in. Socks are recommended. Feel free to bring any flags or pieces of cloth for expression. Please bring a personal item that reminds you of a memory from childhood.

Nathan Madden

Nathan Madden is thrilled to take part in this year’s conference! He has visited Aarau many times and has been given a heart for Switzerland and its beautiful people! He currently lives in Redding, California and is attending the Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry. Throughout the years, he has studied many art forms and travelled all over the world as a performer and teacher. He has been and still is blessed with a very successful professional career. As a storyteller, Nathan believes that he is a living expression of God’s creative heart. He longs to activate the Body of Christ to step out into radical new ways of expressing God’s Kingdom here on earth. Nathan loves to instill a heart for excellence in the arts, both inside and outside of the church; as this means impacting the cities that we call home.


Esther Palmieri

Esther has a passion for worship through prophetic dancing. She regularly experiences how the Holy Spirit releases new dimensions of freedom and joy into people through dance and movement.
Her heart’s desire is for people to experience a deep encounter with the Holy Spirit through the Prophetic Dance. She is part of the leadership team for the Prophetic Arts and the pastor of the dance team in the FCG Aarau.
Esther works as an accountant and is married to Marco. They live with their dog Lucky in the area of Aarau.