11 Creative Sozo (Sold out)

with Hilde Leutwyler

What do colors and a journey with Jesus have in common? Creative Sozo will not only help you to come into a deeper relationship with Him, but it will also free you to go further on your way with Holy Spirit.

You think you don’t care about colors? You think painting is not your «thing»? Well, this workshop is not primarily about how good you are at painting. If you come and give Jesus a chance to meet you there, you will have experiences never imagined before. Let the Holy Spirit lead you into a new dimension of relationship with Him!

Hilde Leutwyler

Hilde Leutwyler is not only a teamleader of the prophetic arts but also leads the artists in the Healing Rooms and Sozo Team ministry of the FCG in Aarau, Switzerland.

In 2014, Hilde visited Bethel Church in Redding, California and was part of the workshop «Creative Sozo», which she truly loved. She always feels inspired when she sees how Holy Spirit takes us on a journey to our own heart through colors and in the end, if we let Him do it, leads us into the Father’s heart.