12 Painted Prayers

with Mayra Pankow

When creativity and prayer are combined, then the work of art that is produced contains more than just the colors on the canvas. A powerful statement or a strong prayer directly from the heart of God can be captured by brushstrokes and the painted truth continues to speak for a long time.

In this workshop, you’ll learn how to connect with our Heavenly Father, see His heart for your prayer requests and then express it through a work of art. Please bring along your Bible, writing material and prayer request.

Mayra Pankow

Mayra Pankow is an artist from Honduras, who has lived in Germany for the past 26 years. She leads the prophetic creative work in the Christus Church community in Duisburg, Germany. She is also active in the prayer and the SOZO ministries there. Mayra is a Mixed Media and Coldwax artist with her own studio and gallery in Mülheim an der Ruhr. She leads an international team of artists and conducts seminars in Germany and abroad. One of her passions is to bring people into their full identity as artists and to connect them with the Creator God. Her dream is that her art will find ways to bring about positive change in all areas of society such as with politics, finance, innovation and in places such as hospitals. Mayra has been married to Dietmar for 35 years and has four sons and a daughter-in-love.