14 Composing Successful Paintings

with Marion de Jong

Holy Spirit is always with us and often surprises us with impressions, pictures, thoughts, dreams and visions. God speaks to us because He wants to touch the hearts of people in a personal way in order to build and renew a relationship with Him.
Excellence is as important as inspiration. In this workshop, Marion will work with you on how to create good image composition whether it is in inspired, spontaneous as well as prepared pieces of painting, because it is vitally important for your art’s powerful expressiveness.
What are the important components of good composition? How do we come to such an understanding? How do you create balance in your work?
In the practical part of the workshop, you will capture impulses from God using charcoal and apply the principles of composing a picture that were taught.

Marion de Jong

Marion de Jong is the founder of «The Kings HeART», an organization that promotes prophetic art. For more than
15 years she has been studying and refining her artistic skills through various courses, training sessions and at academies.
Inspired by the «Seven Mountains Vision», she has initiated and now teaches drawing and painting at the
«Dutch Art Academy», an academy for classical art education that already exists online. Marion also conducts
«Inspiration Days» for her network of Christian artists in the Netherlands.
The Holy Spirit is her source of inspiration while painting, and intuitively abstract or figurative, realistic works painted in acrylic or oil flow from Him. Meanwhile, she has already published two books that promote prophetic painting, «Prophetic Painting» and «Let Creativity Flow».
Marion is an internationally popular instructor of prophetic painting. As an artist, she has designed several book covers and participated in national as well as in international exhibitions.