15 Wearing Textile Glimpses of Light

with Carolin Wächter

Upcycling – Let your clothes talk and give your clothes a voice! Sometimes our appearance is the first and last thing a person remembers. There is not always the opportunity to talk and express one’s feelings. So, why don’t we just let our clothes speak for us? Why not start the day with a piece of clothing that makes you feel what you believe in?

Inspired by the word «upcycling», we will focus on upgrading denim jackets. Maybe you already have a denim jacket that you can no longer wear and can bring with you. If this is not the case, visit a second hand shop nearby or ask among your friends. There certainly should be a way for you not to have to buy a new jacket. During the workshop you will have the opportunity to be inspired and to actively use your own hand to create your own prophetic artwork.

Carolin Wächter

After three and a half years studying fashion design and technology for her Bachelor’s degree, Carolin Wächter works as a designer and product developer in the sports industry. She discovered her passion for technical materials and fashion many years ago and is grateful to have turned her passion into a career.

Surrounded by new ideas day and night, Carolin is part of the Prophetic Arts team at FCG Aarau and thus has the opportunity to inspire and encourage people with her art. Carolin is supported in her work by her husband Daniel and her German Shepherd dog, Tasco.