17 The Secrets of Good Design

with Sonja Smalheer

Attendees learn the secrets of good design and how they can turn Godly ideas or concepts into successful products.
What makes for good design? How do I get from the two-dimensional sketches to the three-dimensional design? The art of observation will help us as we delve into the secrets of creation. Knowing the difference between creating and copying will show us that you can develop your personal concept and then derive a product from it. What will be suitable and what elements should be left out?

Sonja Smalheer: «Good design is more than technique. It is about creating a healthy awareness of who we are and the world around us. I am excited to be part of the Visual Voice 2019 where I hope to equip artists to see, hear and feel as Heaven intended. In both my workshops we will unlock amazing tools and treasures that will not only inspire you but will give you the technique to translate Heavens blueprints into life-giving designs.»

Sonja Smalheer

Sonja Smalheer is a passionate designer, speaker and entrepreneur. She believes that artists and arts play an important role in a happy, healthy society. She feels, it is her responsibility to support aspiring professional artists in their development in becoming successful, thriving and happy. She is the author of compelling and inspiring content helping artists to achieve this. As a speaker and teacher Sonja explores her topics with honest and humorous engagement. She talks on a variety of subjects such as design, the creative process and art entrepreneurship. She uses personal stories and her life lessons to inspire audiences to live a significant, authentic life. Sonja is a working artist and the roles of artist and designer are inseparable in her work. Although art is at the heart of her creative process, Sonja uses her experience as a fashion designer to turn her artwork into innovative and practical products. After her education in Cape Town, South Africa, she moved to the area of Amsterdam/NL where she lives and works today.