18 Installation Art in Public Spaces

with Mark Fels

As creative people who journey with God, we can be inspired by the Spirit of God to the very ends of our fingertips. Implementation, patience and experience are what turns a vision to reality. Therefore, only one thing helps: to try, practice, fail, question, search and experiment. Mark Fels would be happy to impart his many years of artistic and creative experience to you. We will all benefit in this workshop from this and create something with fabric, wood, styrofoam, plaster or canvas for example, and then exhibit our work directly on the site.

Mark Fels

Mark Fels was born in 1965 and is married to Silvia and has three adult children. He is the owner of Fels GmbH in Ostermundigen, CH and has been working in various fields of artistic design for some 30 years. These are, for instance, the implementation of large-scale murals, video productions, interior design, stage concepts, individual stand construction, vehicle lettering/design, foil or airbrush technique, 3D objects, fabric applications in the stage event area, various painting techniques in the arts with dispersion, acrylic, oil, Gouache, coal for instance.