19 Stone Sculptures in Landscapes

with Bryan Haab

Playfully engaging with each moment and feeling where it can lead us to is the key to meaningful and Spirit-led artistic processes. Finding the balance between spontaneous creative feelings and long-lasting creative projects will be what occupies us in this workshop. This meditative work with stone sculptures forms a sort of «time-out»; in which the potential, balance, support and the limitations which are found not only in the material used, but also in ourselves as creatures of God, will be given room to unfold.

Bryan Haab

Bryan Haab has been on the road for 25 years as an artist and social entrepreneur; following processes that interactively set things in motion. He believes his art should not only be accessible to an exclusive elite, but also resonate with people at the margins of our society. Based on this belief, after completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts education in Calgary, Canada; he has now implemented more than 40 exhibitions and launched four different organizations.