20 Creating Moving Songs

with Rico Weidmann

Is music the language with which you want to bring people closer to God? Does your songwriting regularly come to a stop with no way ahead? Do you sometimes not find the right words or harmonies? Or do you just want to broaden your creative horizons and find new ways to write songs? Then you will find this workshop to be exactly right for you. We will use different tools to help you find your own personal way to transform what God puts on your heart into a song.

Together, we will do exercises for truly creative writing, and talk about how you can customize the vocabulary of your songs for your target audience, then analyze song structures and share our experience. Bring your instrument with you, notebook paper, your laptop or whatever else you prefer for your songwriting. There will be a piano, a guitar and a cajon available.

Rico Weidmann

Rico is 37 years old, has a Bachelor of Arts in Education, and studied songwriting, singing and worship at
C3 College Oxford Falls/AUS. He is the founder of the band «The Brothers Whay» and is now a part of the worship team of FCG Aarau.
His great passion is to guide people along the way to their best possible life in Jesus and to bring out their artistic talents. They can then impact other people from all walks of life to be brought closer to God’s heart. Rico’s dream is that believing artists can become pioneers and influencers in all fields of creative art.
He lives together with his wife and two daughters in the region of Aarau.