22 Inspirational Expressions on the Theater Stage

with Sophie Bernard

How can we make the love and power of God accessible to the public through a theatrical performance? And how can we write and act out a story that influences and changes people’s lives? In this workshop, we will do many practical things that will teach you to work with the Holy Spirit in your art. For example, we will learn to perceive His presence as we perform. We will work and practice the usual theatrical techniques in a healthy way, which is out of our identity as the children of God. We will learn to prophesy, to release healing and to pass on the message of love and hope through a performance. Finally, we will create and learn to tell a story by letting God flow through our creativity. This workshop is for everyone, both for those who have no acting experience and professional actors. You will definitely leave your comfort zone, experience freedom and discover how God loves and wants your creativity been released!

Sophie Bernard

Sophie Bernard lives in the French part of Switzerland, in Yverdon-les-Bains. With her husband, they are the main leaders of a new church planted at the beginning of the year 2018.
Since she was a teenager, she has been taking drama lessons and performing on stage and in the streets. She attended for two years a musical theater school in parallel to her studies. Sophie then wrote and staged an evangelistic musical that brought 1800 people to hear the Gospel through performing arts.
From 2015 to 2017, she attended the BSSM in Redding (USA). Sophie had the privilege to volunteer one year for Theresa Dedmon, the prophetic arts leader at Bethel Church. She also attended two acting classes with professional teachers from Los Angeles who taught her how to release the Presence and the Power of God with excellence. Since then, Sophie has been writing and performing spoken words and dramas as well as teaching on supernatural creativity all around the French part of Switzerland. Her heart is to activate everyone in discovering how to partner with the Holy Spirit in their own creativity.
Sophie is a social worker and a happy mum of two little girls.