23 Heaven in the Living Room

with Corinne Kläy

Although decoration, colors, shapes and smells contribute significantly to our well-being, they are often only subconsciously experienced. In truth however, a heavenly presence can also be visibly expressed in our living spaces. Whether you are looking for more peace and beauty at your favorite spot in your home or just wanting to display unique details there, this workshop will help you achieve that. Corinne will introduce housing design principles and show hands-on exercises that will teach participants how to shape a desired mood. Peace, harmony and security are not just beautiful concepts, they can also be consciously implemented and experienced through design elements.

Corinne Kläy

Corinne Kläy works as an independent licensed housing consultant and room designer. She lives with her husband, two teenagers and her dog in the Aarau area. Corinne is responsible for the decorative accents on the premises of the FCG Aarau. She loves to decorate and create «well being areas» and with her trained eye for detail, can bring joy to the lives of her clients.

She loves, in collaboration with the Holy Spirit, to discover the ideas and dreams of her clients, and then to collaborate together with them make these visible. For this, she enjoys being inspired by the wonders of creation.